ThinAir Communications is your trusted provider for all your telecommunications services. With a focus on service, quality, and being deadline oriented, we deliver reliable solutions to meet your communication needs. Whether it is tower construction, RF Engineering, or technical services, our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service and ensuring your satisfaction. Experience the power of ThinAir Communications and take your telecommunications to new heights.

Site Construction

ThinAir provides complete turnkey communications site solutions including all required permitting, concrete work, building sourcing and installation, sourcing and installation of all site equipment, tower construction, power system design and construction, site security services i.e. fencing, security cameras, and all other services required for a complete solution.

RF Engineering

ThinAir Communications has an experienced RF Engineering department skilled in the design, implementation, and maintenance of wireless networks. ThinAir engineers have years of experience with the design of Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint microwave networks, SCADA, outdoor Wi-Fi, two-way voice, and mesh data networks. ThinAir supports multiple vendors and technologies and will custom design a communications solution that will meet your specific needs. In addition to designing, deploying, and maintaining your wireless network, ThinAir engineers can handle all your FCC licensing for your new and existing networks. Our capable engineering team can custom design your turnkey wireless communications solution to your specific specifications and budget.

Fabrication Solutions

A division of ThinAir Communications, ThinAir Fabrication is a custom fabrication shop specializing in the design and building of custom steel structures and off-grid power systems. Our high-end fabrication facility is equipped with cutting edge technology and staffed by our talented team of welders and craftsmen. ThinAir Fabrication can provide a turnkey solution for your project going from design to fabrication to on-site integration of the finished product.

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Technical Services

ThinAir has a well-trained team of field technicians experienced in the deployment and maintenance of wired and wireless communications networks, SCADA, outdoor Wi-Fi systems, on grid and off grid power solutions, two-way voice, video monitoring systems, and mesh networks.

Our crews are trained and certified within the installation processes of waveguide, fiber, coax, and will arrive on site with a multitude of specialized cable preparation tools to ensure the installation is done accurately and to minimize insertion related losses.

Our technical team has expertise in the design, deployment, and maintenance of IT networks, specifically the Fortinet product line. They are capable of creating reliable, innovative, and efficient solutions to meet your network requirements.

Our team is experienced in the deployment of remote video monitoring solutions, especially in the Oil and Gas industry for the purpose of site monitoring.

ThinAir has on staff several teams of certified and experienced tower climbers. These teams are a core part of the company and provide services such as tower inspections, deployment of new communications solutions, and the construction of new communications towers.

ThinAir’s technical team works side by side with the RF Engineering department to create and implement custom solutions to all your communications needs.

Power Solutions

ThinAir Communications specializes in delivering cutting-edge solutions for power generation. We employ proven methods and processes to create custom power solutions to meet your power load requirements. Power systems include grid tied, off grid, hybrid scenarios, and battery backup. We provide a broad range of power systems and integration services for installation from numerous manufacturers. Trust ThinAir to provide you with reliable, efficient, and innovative solutions that meet your power needs.

Generator Backup
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ThinAir Communications is comprised of personnel who not only complete Safety Oriented Training Courses, but they also extend this “SAFE” attitude well into the working environment. All our personnel are not only supplied with safety-related training but also receive the necessary job specific training required to assure that we are industry leaders within those respective fields. Qualified individuals within our organization have completed the following training and continually complete any required refreshers.