Phil Sprouse

Phil Sprouse is the Co-founder and CEO at ThinAir Communications. Phil is responsible for the execution of the business growth plan and leads the M&A efforts. He is motivated by the team surrounding him and strives to make the work environment a collaborative effort. Always be learning and we at ThinAir are here to help you grow your career are his guiding principles.
Phil believes in the achievement of the highest level of Health, Safety, and Environmental standards.

Phil’s statement for up-and-coming executives, as an executive you should be routinely working on the job site, getting your hands dirty, and putting in the long hours with the team. Respect is only earned when you are the first to saddle up, grind through the workload, and one of the last to call it a day.

David Kissinger

Co-founder and COO, David has worked in the telecommunications industry for over 20 years, developing exceptional knowledge with broadcast microwave radio systems (STL, TSL, ICR Links) of all manufacturers. He also has years of experience designing, implementing, and servicing wireless radio networks and tower structures. His experience includes the build out of a very large 50 hop multi-state microwave backhaul project. David has spent numerous years in the field managing communication site build outs and handling every aspect of the construction phase from initial concept to completion. David is very knowledgeable with ANSI/TIA Standards and the Motorola R-56 Grounding Specifications.

Chris Siggins

Chris is a Senior Systems Engineer at ThinAir Communications. Chris has been working in the communications and information technology industries for over 27 years. He is experienced in the project management, design, installation, and operation of both wireless and fixed communications platforms. He has designed and implemented numerous complex wireless communications networks in a wide range of applications including public safety, utilities, oil and gas, and mining. In addition to his communications networks skillset, Chris is experienced in the design and operation of power solutions including off-grid solar power and battery backup systems.

Shawn Madsen

Shawn is Construction Manager at ThinAir Communications and has been completing large scale construction projects for customers within the tower industry for 10 years. Shawn is well versed in many differing tower manufacturers construction and inspection processes. He currently manages the highly technical construction requests for our tower site build outs and complex wireless projects. In addition, he has extensive tower safety rescue training and oversees the day-to-day managerial operations outlined within our Health, Safety and Environmental Program.

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