ThinAir Communications, Inc., a Colorado based company, was established in 2006, and has grown to become an industry leader within the telecommunications sector. As a customer focused company, integrity and accountability is our primary aim followed by a committment to the values of expertise, safety, and quality.

Our goal is to prioritize unparalleled customer service, and nurture a dedicated team of people who consistently deliver exceptional results.

Experience Excellence in Communications Tower Construction

Unlocking the potential of every project, ThinAir offers comprehensive turnkey solutions for all your tower construction needs. From start to finish, we handle every step with precision, transforming greenfields into fully operational and beautifully landscaped facilities. With a relentless commitment to customer satisfaction, we ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget. Choose ThinAir for unrivaled expertise in tower site solutions.


Tower Construction

ThinAir provides Turnkey and Design-Build-Bid Tower Site Solutions. We complete every aspect of the site construction process, from greenfield to a fully landscaped and operational facility.

ThinAir is dedicated to customer satisfaction. Our construction projects are completed on time, on budget and with expert precision.

IT Support

If you’re looking to reduce latency and eliminate internet protocols that require multiple trips between users and the cloud, we’ve got you covered. Our team of talented experts can build faster transit speeds with more direct routes, ensuring seamless connectivity. With ThinAir Communications, you can expect reliable, innovative, and efficient solutions for your IT requirements.

Fabrication Solutions

We have the ability to provide custom steel structures and off grid power systems from initial concept to the final rugged high quality product at ThinAir Fabrication. Our one-stop-shop provides turnkey solutions for individual design, fabrication, and on site integration.

Wi-Fi Solutions

ThinAir Communications specializes in providing exceptional broadband Wi-Fi solutions. With our expertise in all major carrier technologies we have extensive experience in microwave alignment and monitoring as well as being well-equipped to deliver top-notch services.

RF Engineering

We understand that new towers will cause pattern distortion when placed close to a transmitter facility that may cause the station’s licensed radiation pattern to become distorted. ThinAir performs remedial activities to ensure safe limits are in place. If any interference is caused to one or more of a tenant’s operations or from a combination of other factors, we use TEP designed equipment installed and tested by our team.

Power Solutions

ThinAir Communications specializes in delivering cutting-edge solutions for power transmission. We employ proven methods and processes to develop powerful technical means for the advancement of wireless power transmission systems. Trust ThinAir to provide you with reliable, efficient, and innovative solutions that meet your power needs.

Video Monitoring

ThinAir takes a proactive approach to remote video monitoring. We will combine smart detection software for your team of security experts to monitor your designated locations in real-time. 

Microwave Radio

ThinAir assists clients with Point to Point (PTP) and Point to Multipoint (PMP) microwave radio network designs, FCC Licensing, installation, and maintenance, covering a wide array of manufacturers.

Line and Antenna

RF Line and Antenna installation is performed with the utmost attention to detail, which in turn ensures that it is done in accordance with customer and manufacturer specifications.

Our crews are trained and certified within the installation processes of waveguide, fiber, coax, and will arrive on site with a multitude of specialized cable preparation tools to ensure the installation is done accurately and to minimize insertion related losses.

Our committment to safety


ThinAir Communications is comprised of personnel who not only complete Safety Oriented Training Courses, but they also extend this “SAFE” attitude well into the working environment. ThinAir is proud to state that we have never experienced a loss time work accident and hold an EMR rating below .9.

We are also enormously proud to inform our clients that we are ISNetWorld and PEC Premier Certified. All our personnel are not only supplied with safety-related training but also receive the necessary job specific training required to assure that we are industry leaders within those respective fields. Qualified individuals within our organization have completed the following training and continually complete any required refreshers.